Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Notable Books of 2014: Internationalism

On December 2, The New York Times listed "100 Notable Books of 2014."

Of those 100, 50 books are "Fiction and Poetry." 

The 50 authors hail from a variety of nations.

In addition,
8 are immigrants (Mengetsu, Galchen, Hustvedt, Henriquez, Sharma, Ulinich, Akhitiorskaya, Fishman)
4 are cross-cultural (Faber, Ullmann, Kehlmann, Lalami)
1 is described as a "nomadic adult" (Osborne)
3 are third culture (Wyld, O'Neill, Johnson)

16 out of 50: almost one third (32%) of this year's notable books are by authors who have experienced international transitions.

6% of this year's notable books are by third culture authors.

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